Turn your MedComm Trials into Triumphs

Sound familiar? You're not a big Pharma with ready access to medcomm agency resources. Your research team and regulatory writer(s) are slammed, and, frankly, so is everyone else. Publications are a secondary responsibility. They are back-burner afterthoughts, fire drills triggered by looming congress deadlines and suddenly realized results. This reactive non-approach produces anxiety, strained internal and external relationships, and slapped together, low quality publications at high risk of rejection. Such rushed efforts often introduce inconsistencies and contradictions that confuse the market.

It doesn't have to be this way. The expensively and intensively gained research at the heart of your enterprise? Shouldn't it shine? 

Standout MedComm Strategy

You don't need to be big Pharma to benefit from taking a more proactive and engaged approach to publications. Developing a plan and paying attention to it is essential, but it need not be expensive and a hassle. I take the pain out of and improve your publication efforts with superior medcomm strategy (publication planning and related deliverables), customized to your development stage, study timelines, available resources (internal and external, including existing relevant literature), and your target audiences and their educational needs.

How does publication planning help?

  • Avoids last-minute scrambling to meet deadlines and key communication objectives
  • Establishes clear expectations to get everyone on the same page
  • Ensures limited resources are directed at your most critical educational needs
  • Promotes consistency in educational messaging and language
  • Maximizes exposure and impact via smart choices of congress and journal opportunities with increased chances of acceptance
  • Projects a competent and professional image to your external collaborators and the public

Standout Publications (and other medcomm-related services)

I am an expert medical writer and editor. I can shoulder as much or as little of the publication development function as you need, and am happy to work directly with your internal and external investigators. I am also well versed in the full repertoire of medical communication services. Need help planning and developing content for an advisory board? A corporate symposium? Managing content on-site? A video script? Congress competitive intelligence? Website content?

Let me show you how I can help you and your company shine.

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