Therapeutic Knowledge

  • Oncology, in particular, with recent intensive focus on immuno-oncology (I-O)
  • Includes all major solid and liquid tumors, diagnostics, supportive care, therapy (cytotoxics, radiotherapy, targeted biologics, I-O), as well as HEOR
  • Broadly familiar with the biologic, immunologic, and personalized strategies that form the basis of current drug development efforts in oncology
  • Additional experience across the spectrum of therapeutic areas: bone health, cardiovascular (ACS, heart failure, thormbosis/ hemostasis), critical care (sepsis), emergency medicine (ED over-/misuse), infectious disease/parasitology, inflammation (arthritis), radiology/medical imaging (CT, MRI, PET), nephrology (CRI, CKD, dialysis), neurology (MS, stroke), and psychiatry (depression)
  • Additional recent experience in healthcare applications of big data

Recent Consulting Work

  • IBM Explorys for Life Sciences: engaged to support marketing and publication activities for a big data, EMR-based database (54 M+ unique patients) and analytics solution for life sciences organizations
  • Mirna Therapeutics: engaged to support publication planning and development, working directly with management team of early-stage biotech company engaged in first-in-human clinical trial of a microRNA therapeutic (MRX34) for cancer
  • StemScientific: temporary agency engagement to support publication strategy and development for BMS Opdivo lung cancer account
  • Sutter Health Research, Development and Dissemination: engaged to support department leadership in planning and developing publications for projects related to big data
  • Genomic Health: engaged to support marketing activities for leading breast cancer diagnostic (OncotypeDX)
  • StemScientific: full-time, temporary engagement serving as agency scientific lead for BMS I-O account (Yervoy and Opdivo)

Past Positions

  • ApotheCom Associates: Senior VP, Scientific Direction; VP, Scientific Services; Director, Scientific Services
  • Grey Healthcare West: Supervisor, Scientific and Editorial Services
  • ProHealth (FCB Healthcare): Senior Editor
  • Miller Freeman (now CMP Medica): Publisher, Healthcare Education Products; Editor, MR Magazine; Executive Editor, Diagnostic Imaging Magazine

Content Developed

  • Editor, inquiry@UC Santa Cruz, a unique university research magazine (print and on-line), published annually
  • Primary author in peer-reviewed literature, including Proc Nat Acad Sci
  • By-lined articles, reports, and news stories in Stanford Observer, Medical World News, Diagnostic Imaging, and MR Magazine (1988-1995)
  • Manuscripts conceived, written, and edited in collaboration with physician authors for peer-reviewed journals, supplements, magazines, and newsletters
  • Presentations and other documents created in collaboration with faculty for advisory boards and medical education programs, including congress symposia
  • The copy for this website!


  • University of California, Santa Cruz: Certificate, Science Writing
  • University of California, Berkeley: PhD, Parasitology; MS, Medical Entomology
  • Stanford University: AB, Human Biology

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CV - David E Egerter, PhD (pdf)


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